Colour Families

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Grey - Mood & Messages

Gray ChairThere are few people who claim to love or hate greys. Greys are truly neutral. They absorb all light rays to equal degree. Greys result from mixing blacks and whites, oranges and purples, and all additional complementary colour pairings.

Primarily grey spaces require other accent colours in order to convey emotion or a mood. Left alone, greys communicate maturity and wisdom. These spaces will not encourage conversation and are recommended only for areas where you wish to retreat for peace of mind.

Darker greys convey a stately formality, while lighter greys waft a relaxing air across a space. Metallic greys are associated with state-of-the-art technology and refinement. Use greys sparingly in foggy, rainy climates to avoid a depressing effect.


  • Use grays to temper extreme color schemes

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