Colour Families

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Green - Mood & Messages

Grab on to maximum decorating flexibility with greens. They rest on the hinge between warm and cool on the colour wheel, conveying regenerative and restful feelings all at once.

Use greens to create a comfortable yet invigorating environment in dining rooms, bedrooms and more. Pair these hues with tactile, textured surfaces and accessories, including glossy plastics and leafy plants.

Soft greens expand small spaces. Dark greens evoke health, prosperity, security and tradition. They suggest permanence and value. That’s why you often see them in banks, libraries and law offices.

Color Scheme

The top left image is an example of a monochromatic colour scheme, which creates a calm energy in any space. Below is an example of a complimentary colour scheme for green.


  • Use greens to accent items or features with natural beauty

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