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Red - Moods & Messages

Red Lattice

Excitement. Strength. Success. Reds are associated with bold, daring and dominant qualities. That’s why they’re the most commonly used colours in national flags, with three out of four nations waving reds at the world.

But don’t look too long. Staring at reds strains your eyes, raises your blood pressure and causes your pulse to race. Reds may cause you to feel jumpy and restless. These hues are ideal for areas you want people to pass through quickly, such as hallways, lobbies and guest bathrooms.

Hosts who entertain frequently may use red as accents to encourage activity, lively conversation and quick decision-making. Place red trim in your living room, paint children’s play tables red and scatter red accents throughout your dining room. Make sure you don’t overdo it in your dining room - too much red can cause your guests to eat almost twice as much!


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