Color Considerations

Most people find it difficult to choose colours for decorating projects.  We've organized these tips to help you create spaces you'll be proud to call home.

Consider what you'll use this space for.
If you've decorated a home office space, consider energetic colours to keep you motivated.  Soothing colours work best in bedrooms and den areas designed for relaxation.

Think of who will use the space most.
For example, seek input from your kids if you're designing a playroom.

Look at the clock.
During what time of day will your space get the most use? Soft, energizing colours work great for areas where you'll start the day; gentle colours like a or b will relax you at the end of the day.

Check natural lighting.
The amount of natural light in your space impacts the way colours appear. Whether that light is direct or indirect also affects your scheme.

Consider furniture and architectural details.
Look at the colours on large pieces of furniture that will go into your space. Also consider large architectural features such as curved entrances. Primary elements in your space will change the appearance of colours you choose. 

Aim for variety.
Look at the colours in nearby spaces, including adjacent rooms and patios. Use colour to give each space a unique feel.  

Convey the feeling and moods you want.
Colour can be a powerful harbinger of emotion. If you want to feel excited and creative and excited in a room, choose bright accents or themes, such as orange curtains.

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