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Rag-Rolling gives surfaces a dramatic effect reminiscent of crushed velvet, parchment or chamois leather. Like Sponging, there are techniques where you rag on or rag off. Different rag fabrics will create different effects. Popular materials include linen, chamois or burlap. But almost any natural fibre material will work as long as it is clean and lint-free. Layering glazes works well with this technique as long as each layer is allowed to dry completely.


Basic Rag-Off Rolling Technique:


1. Prepare and prime surface.

2. Apply base coat if necessary, and allow to dry.

3. Roll lint-free rags into sausage shapes about 155mm long. Use linen, chamois or burlap for different effects.

4. Pour paint for your rag effect into paint tray and apply to surface with a roller.

5. Wearing paint gloves, while surface is still wet, roll your rag against the surface from the bottom up.

6. Overlap slightly, continuing until you reach the end of the painted area. Change rags as needed to maintain the effect.

8. Continue until the area is covered.