Peel Coat FAQs

Peel Coat FAQs

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    How does Peel Coat affect my project’s original paint or surface?

    Rust-Oleum recommends applying Peel Coat to a small, inconspicuous spot on your project prior to applying across the entire item. Longer test phases are especially recommended for vehicles that have already been re-painted. 

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    Is it possible to cover a dark colored item in white?

    Yes, it is possible to cover a darker colored item in white or a lighter color of Peel Coat. The project will require more than the usual amount of Peel Coat product to fully conceal the original color. Rust-Oleum has found that using a Peel Coat Gunmetal mid-coat helps with the color transition and results in fewer overall coats. 

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    What prep work goes into using Peel Coat?

    Before starting the project, remember to clean the surface with soap or another cleaning method, rinse and let dry. Mask off around the area to be coated. 

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    When should the masking tape be removed?

    In order to produce nice, clean lines of the Peel Coat coating, it is recommended to remove the masking tape when the last coat is still wet. If for some reason, the product dries before the removing of the tape, light spray the edge of where the tape and coating meet and quickly remove. The coating typically begins to dry 5-10 minutes in between coats.

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    Is a primer needed prior to applying Peel Coat?

    No. Rust-Oleum does not require or recommend usage of a primer prior to applying Peel Coat.