LeakSeal® Tape Faqs

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    What is the best way to apply LeakSeal® Tape?

    LeakSeal® Tape is best applied by following the manufacturer’s directions. Start by stretching the tape (with moderate tension) around the substrate, starting below the problem area. Continue to stretch the tape over itself with a 1/2” overlap. Finish by wrapping past the problem area so you create a “wall” of tape above and below the leak. Several layers of the LeakSeal® Tape will provide maximum strength.
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    Is LeakSeal® Tape resistant to all chemicals?

    LeakSeal® Tape can withstand most solvents, acids and oils. However, depending on conditions and the amount of exposure, it is recommended testing the tape in an inconspicuous area for compatibility before use in a larger scale.
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    How does silicone tape differ from other tapes (i.e. duct tape)?

    LeakSeal® Tape Silicone Tape is an extremely durable and versatile tape. It can withstand almost any condition unlike other adhesives and tapes. It goes unmatched in terms of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, pressure resistance and moisture integrity.