LeakSeal® Sprays Faqs

  • 1.

    Is LeakSeal® chemical resistant? Will it stop an oil leak?

    The LeakSeal® sprays are not formulated to withstand harsh chemical such as oil and gasoline. LeakSeal® is primarily recommended for sealing off water leaks.
  • 2.

    What is the amount of PSI LeakSeal® can withstand?

    LeakSeal® is not formulated or recommended to withstand substantial amounts of pressure. LeakSeal® can only withstand pressure up to 16 PSI.
  • 3.

    What type of caulk can LeakSeal® be applied over?

    LeakSeal® does exhibit superior adhesion to most all surfaces including caulk. However, we do not recommend coating over silicone caulk as the adhesion is not adequate. We do recommend testing the Leakseal® product in an inconspicuous area before fully coating any type of caulk.
  • 4.

    Can LeakSeal® be applied to ABS Plastic or Synthetic Rubber?

    LeakSeal® is not recommended to be used on ABS Plastic or synthetic rubber. These two substrates have been proven to be extremely difficult to properly accept coatings.
  • 5.

    Is the LeakSeal® safe to use in food prep areas?

    No, Leakseal® is not recommended to be used in areas where food is prepared. We also do not recommend this coating to be in contact with any type of drinking water either.