Krud Kutter The Must for Rust FAQs

Krud Kutter The Must for Rust FAQs

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    How do I neutralize The Must for Rust?

    It does not need to be neutralized on the metal surface. Once it dries, it becomes inert and will not react to temperature or other chemicals.

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    How long does it take to remove rust?

    That’s difficult to answer. The Must for Rust cleans most medium to light rust in 15-30 minutes. Variables include temperature, corrosion level of the metal surface and type of metal. It works faster in warmer temperatures
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    Does the surface need to be cleaned before the product is applied?

    Yes. Remove any oil and grease from the metal to be treated. Rinse with water to break the surface tension and wash away loose dirt. 

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    What surfaces should The Must for Rust not be applied to?

    The Must for Rust should not be used on marble.

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    Can The Must for Rust be sprayed on to the surface?

    Yes. A 32oz trigger spray is available for convenient spray-on use.